Inland Northwest Machine Quilters Guild - Company Message



How many tickets are being sold?
Ticket sales are limited to 2500 tickets.

What will the winner receive?
The winner will receive quilting services for 1 Queen size quilt. The quilting will be an edge-to-edge design.
Includes Hobbs 80/20 cotton batting and quilting thread. A value up to $200.

Who will do the quilting?
The winner will have a choice from 3 INMQ professional longarm quilters.

Who are the 3 INMQ professional longarm quilters? (click on names to see their bios)
Ruthann Eckersley, Ruth's Machine Quilting, 509-924-9590,,

Beth North, True North Quilting, 509-993-4699,,

Susan Smith, Stitched By Susan, 509-238-5046,,

Which edge-to-edge design will the quilter use?
The winner will consult with the quilter on which edge-to-edge design to use on the winner's quilt.

When will the quilting be completed?
If the winner delivers their top and prepared back to the quilter no later than November 30, 2018, the quilting services will be
completed by December 14, 2018. If winner delivers later than November 30, 2018, the winner will need to be placed on the
quilter's current waiting list. Quilt top and prepared back must be delivered to quilter no later than March 31, 2019.

What if the winner wants a different batting or custom quilting?
If the winner wants additional services, they will need to make arrangements with the quilter. They will also need to pay the
quilter for any additional services. Please note that additional services may impact the December 14, 2018 delivery date.

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