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INMQ  Block Exchange

The block exchange is for INMQ members who wish to share their creative quilting ideas and designs. Those designs may then be used to compile an INMQ design book to be sold. One of our members has generously created a index for our design books. Please click here for the version of the index.

This is how it works:

  • Two new printed quilt blocks will be published on the website preceding each of our formal meetings in January, March, September and November. Members may download them or pick up hard copies for the next blocks at each formal meeting.

  • Each participant takes the printed block and “quilts” a design onto the paper as if using needle and thread. Please use a black Sharpie pen (fine or regular point) for the final quilting so the design is dark enough for clear copying. You may use a pencil first, but please finish it off with a Sharpie and erase stray pencil lines. Think of that pencil as “water soluble” thread & the Sharpie as the final stitching thread.

  • Don’t forget to write your name on the submitted block for proper credit of those participating. If you have a business name or website, feel free to add it also.

  • Finished blocks are due by the next meeting date following the meeting in which
it was distributed. Example: The block issued at the November meeting is due by the Jan. meeting….Jan.’s block is due March etc.

  • Participation is voluntary. You only need to submit one “quilted” block to be considered a participant in that round and have your name placed into a basket for a special prize drawing at each meeting. Each “quilted” block entitles the designer to a separate drawing entry. Multiple entries of both masculine and feminine designs for each block are strongly encouraged.

  • As an extra incentive to participate, if a member submits a minimum of ONE design for each published block…i.e.all 8 (10) different blocks throughout the year (Nov. through Sept.) ,the member will be entitled to a FREE design booklet when they are published in time for the WSQ Quilt Show. If both designs are submitted in one time frame, the participant is entitled to buy a booklet at a (20) 25 % discount, four for a (40)50% discount, six for a (60) 75% discount ...dependent on the number of designs/meetings that year. The block exchange chairman will keep track of these designs. If you decide to not participate, then you may still purchase the booklet when it becomes available.

  • Your “quilted” blocks may be submitted to Jean Brustkern at the meeting they are due or can be scanned and emailed to her at Please feel free to contact Jean at any time if you have any questions (509-481-1852).

Block Summary

November 2018

January 2019

March 2019

June 2019

September 2019

Here is a link to all of the blocks for the next year at the request of several members. 


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