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Jodi Robinson

Jodi Robinson has been a quilter for the past 27 years, and has been a professional longarm quilter for 20 years. She is a Gammill Quilt Artist, and has been teaching nationally at Quilting Shows for the past 12 years. Jodi has won numerous national awards for her machine quilting skills, including the award of Best Modern Quilt at multiple AQS Shows in 2014, and the Outstanding Modern Quilt Award at the 2015 Road to California show. In addition to teaching, Jodi designs pantograph designs, has self-published nine machine quilting design books, and provides professional longarm quilting services to her clients. Jodi’s books and classes focus on using quick and easy methods to create beautiful, free motion machine quilting designs that will personalize and make your quilting unique.

You can visit her blog at: Jodi Robinson

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Classes will be held in the empty office space upstairs on the south end of the Quilting Bee Building until further notice.

Panto-less Allover Quilting Friday November 17,2017 9am to 11am
If Pantograph quilting is just not your thing, then join Jodi to learn some amazingly simple ways that you can do Pantograph-type freehand quilting, without having to follow a pattern. There is no math involved, or worrying about lining up pattern rows. With very little marking, you will work the whole way across the quilt without having to stop. Use the blocks and piecing within the quilt as your guide. This is not an allover stipple/loops background fill type of quilting-these are open, flowing designs that will move across your quilts. Jodi will show you how to easily interlock your quilting to avoid the “row” look. We will also discuss how these same ideas can be applied to custom quilting for blocks and borders. You are going to love how easy and beautiful panto-less quilting is, not to mention how quickly you will be able to complete your quilts. Students should be comfortable quilting basic feathers and leaves.
Price: $40.00
Stencil Magic Friday November 17, 2017 1pm to 4pm
Let Jodi show you how to use basic stencils to create extraordinary new designs that have an updated, new contemporary/modern feel. You will learn how to use stencils as a backbone to create new designs. Jodi will show you how to create multiple designs from a single stencil; for backgrounds, blocks, and borders. You will also learn how to use the full stencils, as well as how you can utilize only pieces and parts of them. We will also discuss marking methods. You will go home and look at your stencils in a whole new way!
Price: $50.00
Tilework Saturday November 18,2017 1pm to 3pm
Let Jodi show you a fun way to create unique designs that are so versatile you can use them as background fills, in borders and blocks, and as feature designs in large areas of negative space. By marking a basic “Tilework” layout (think grid, circular grid, triangles, mosaic, and more), then filling in areas with multiple freehand designs, you will create designs that are unique to you! You will see how endless the options are when you discover how many creative options you have. You can choose to have “grout” lines between your tiles if you like (or not), and then decide if you will quilt them, leave them unquilted, or fill them with a design. All of the creative options allow you to determine the textural effects your design will provide. Complete
Price: $40.00


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