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Sue Heins March 15-17, 2018
Sue's passion is teaching and she brings to each of her classes a Fine Arts and Education background, over 25+ years of quilting experience, a sense of humor, design expertise and a commitment to help each of her students reach new levels of quilting excellence. She has authored four books, each brimming with fresh design ideas for free-motion quilting and has also designed several innovative marking tools -all to delight, intrigue and inspire. In addition to teaching at guilds and national shows across the country, her designs, books and tools have been featured in online TV and national and international publications. *Must be a current member of INMQ, if not please go and join our group. 

Take Two -Simple Shapes, Stunning Results! 9 am -1 pm March 15th
You'll start by drawing two simple
shapes and then be amazed as Sue
guides you on how to transform those shapes into a variety of uniquely
stunning blocks, grids, triangles,
circular designs and more! The result? Each design is different yet they
harmonize when grouped together -the class sampler uses just 3 of the many designs you'll learn. Simple shapes,
stunning results -easy to master!
Open to all Skill Levels
Price: $60.00
Sashing that Sizzles. 2 pm - 6 pm March 15th
Turn up the heat on your quilts withsome sizzling new sashing designs! You will learn designs that look stunning on a variety of quilt styles - from Traditional to Modern and everything in­between. Also included - a 'no math' technique that guarantees precision corner turns in this fast-paced, interactive drawing class. Come curious, leave Inspired!
Open to all Skill Levels
Price: $60.00
Featherworks 9am -1pm March 16th
Tired of your old feather designs? In Sue's intermediate Feather class, you'll learn fresh designs that enhance a variety of quilt styles - not just new block and border designs, but medallion, wreath and triangular designs too- plus drafting tips and more! So, what are you waiting for? Banish the blahs and get the "works" in this beyond the basics drawing class. Must be proficient with basic
traditional and bump-back feathers prior to class. Intermediate/ Advanced
Price: $60.00
Fill Harmonics 2 pm - 6 pm March 16th
reate a symphony of background designs that harmonize well together on any type of quilt - or use just one for a dramatic textural effect. Sue will demonstrate with step-by-step illustrations and how-to hints. Your quilt will be shouting, "Bravo!" Open to all Skill Levels
Price: $60.00
Caffeinated Designs March 17th
Sue's new class featuring over 30 original grid, border, block, feather, sashing & background designs, all ready to put some PERK into your next quilt.
Price: $60.00
Sue Heins 5 Class Bundle
Take all 5 classes. Each class discounted to $55
Price: $275.00
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